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House McKenzie Luxury Holiday Development
House van Blerk

Municipal Approval

House van Blerk

Address: Pennington
Project Description: Additions & Alterations
Dwelling Area: 450 m2
Special Requirements: Relaxation
Estimated Renovation Cost: R 2,5 million

Recent Projects:

Design Proposal

Luxury Holiday Accommodation

Project Description: New Development
Developments Size: 15 Units (1, 2 & 3 Bedroom),
Restaurant, Business Lounge, Conferencing Facility
Special Requirements: Neighbour’s Consent
Estimated Cost: R 28 Million

House McKenzie

Project Description: Additions & Alterations
Dwelling Area: 554 m2
Special Requirements: Relaxation and
Removal of Restrictive Clauses on Title Deed
Renovation Cost: R 1,9 million


How do You Envision Your Future Home?

“. . . our passion is to guide your vision to realisation”

André Brand

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Project Design & Planning

Property Assessment

Layout & Façade Design - Functionality & Aesthetics

Planning Permission - Document Preparation  & Applications for Plan Approval

Construction Drawings

Project Management

Building Contractor Management  

Site Budget Control

Occupation Certificates

Project Specific Services

As-Built Plans

Building Line Relaxation

Special Consent Application

Removal of Restrictive Conditions on Title Deeds

Which services would your project require?

Services Offered by Fusion Studio

Preliminary Assessment

Project Flow of Envisioned Project

Design Phase Construction Phase Residential Architecture Residential Architecture Residential Architecture Council Approval

Appraisal and definition of the project: 

During the first stage, we will assist you in defining the scope of the project.

We will also identify any Town planning and Title Deed restrictions, identify other stakeholders/consultants which might be needed, set up a preliminary project flow, and assist in projecting costs.

Concept Design: 

Here the project scope is developed into a more advanced stage. As your Residential Architectural Professional, we will use conceptual 3D drawings, in which we will consider the orientation, space organization, circulation, and site layout.

At this stage a preliminary project budget, preliminary project construction programme (and in some cases a preliminary cash flow forecast) will be prepared. But because it’s still early in the project it will prove difficult to make conclusive project projections and/or calculations.

Design Development: 

During this stage the design is developed into a set of plans, sections and elevations which explicate the end-result of the envisioned building.

Attention is given to materials and finishes - the cost implications of finishes can be investigated during this stage.

Once this stage is approved by you, the architectural professional will continue with the “working drawings” which takes us to the next stage.

Technical Documentation: 

The working drawings are the nuts & bolts of the project process.

These are technical documents which show such things as set-out dimensions, materials, levels, wall heights, beam sizes and window and door locations.

These drawings are often coordinated with civil, structural and mechanical engineer’s drawings.

Contract Administration and Inspection: 

This is the practical stage of the building where once again, as your Architectural Professional we will prove very useful.

As your Architectural Professional we will assist you in selecting a competent Project Manager, set up and handle the contract documents and do the general administration of the project.

Fusion Studio Architect ure


Based on the South Coast of Kwa-Zulu Natal, Fusion Studio Architecture specialises in Residential Architecture.

We pride ourselves on time-driven, client-focused and friendly customer service.

Our service area stretches along the KZN coastal region, including the Hibiscus Coast, Pennington and Scottburgh, Umhlanga Rocks through to the Dolphin Coast.

We also serve the Inland Areas including Harding and the greater Kokstad area, as well as certain areas within the Eastern Cape including the Wild Coast and Bizana.

We offer professional advice and residential architectural designs tailored for the residential market.

Our team ensures that you receive our undivided and personal attention, giving you peace of mind and assurance of the most innovative residential architectural designs tailored to your unique project requirements.

By paying meticulous attention to all statutory regulations, we circumvent the tedious process of addressing countless time consuming plan deferrals.

Our tender procurement process also ensures that your valuable time will not be spent on finding qualified building- and other contractors.

We value the trust of our clients, contact us now to find out how we can assist you….

How can we help you?

How do we go about creating your dream home, and which considerations are made in order for us to give your the design of your dreams?

Having completed the property assessment, we have effectively defined parameters within which we need to stay and now we apply your brief to establish the building blocks for the design…Continue Reading

Layout & Facade Design - Functionality & Aesthetics

Layout and Facade Design

Preparing the plans for your future dwelling requires an extensive understanding of the National Building Regulations, as all plans are measured by its compliance with these regulations.

No matter how much work was put in during the planning and design phases of your dwelling, if compliance with the National Building Regulations cannot be proven, your plans won’t be worth the paper they are drawn on.…Continue Reading

Planning Permission - Document Preparation & Application for Plan Approval

Planning Permission

Project Design & Planning

Project Specific Requirements

Often times, various additions and alterations are made to existing homes for which planning approval was never obtained.

No construction work can legally start without approved building plans, even though it often happens, and no home can legally by sold without approved plansContinue Reading

As-Built Plans

As-Built Plans

More often than not, we design homes for properties where the Title Deed imposes various restrictions, particularly with regard to the Building Line.

Should the design require an Application for Building Line Relaxation, we will first be required to submit an application for the Removal of Restrictive ConditionsContinue Reading

Application for the Removal of Restrictive Conditions - Title Deed

Removal of Restrictive Conditions

Important Information

Gone are the days of simply drawing a few lines on paper and calling it a plan ready for approval from the Municipality.

Due to safety regulations, building science best practices, environmental considerations and your local town planning schemes, various consultants and specialists are consulted before a single brick can legally be laid… Continue Reading

Professional Fees and Specialist Services required before construction

The process involved in compiling a quotation for our architectural fees is quite involved, as no two projects are ever the same.

Various considerations need to be taken into account before we are able to determine the architectural fees chargeable for your project…Continue Reading

Need a quotation?

Important Information - Professional Fees Request a Quotation

“I would like to congratulate you on your ability  to understand the needs of your clients. You are extremely professional and it 's a pleasure to deal with you.” - Mrs. Y van Esch

“Fusion Studio Architecture has done a good job with the architectural enhancement, resulting in contemporary simple and clean lines.” - Mr. S van Blerk

Client Testimonials

How do You Envision Your Future Home?

“. . . our passion is to guide your vision to realisation”

André Brand

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